Our Team

We are Creative Office Pavilion, curators of inspiration.

We are a community of makers, thinkers, problem-solvers, and doers. For over 30 years we have been committed to supporting our clients with interior solutions that inspire them to do exceptional work.


  • Denise Horn

    Denise Horn Owner/President

  • Sam Scialabba

    Sam Scialabba Owner

  • Joe Gardner

    Joe Gardner Owner

  • Gerry Weber

    Gerry Weber Owner

Leadership | Boston, MA

  • Mike Clancy

    Mike Clancy Vice President of Sales

  • Angelo DeBenedictis

    Angelo DeBenedictis Senior Vice President of Finance

  • Dina DiTommaso

    Dina DiTommaso Vice President of Business Development + Marketing

  • Sharon Lavery

    Sharon Lavery Director of Human Resources

  • Kristin Miner

    Kristin Miner Vice President of Design

  • Barbara Mokler

    Barbara Mokler Senior Vice President of Operations

  • Alex Sanda

    Alex Sanda Vice President of Sales

  • Karen Van Winkle

    Karen Van Winkle Vice President of Sales

Leadership | New York City, NY

  • Patrick Hayes

    Patrick Hayes President

  • Kimberly Pinkerton

    Kimberly Pinkerton Vice President

Leadership | Portland, ME

  • Rick McKenney

    Rick McKenney Vice President of Sales

Leadership | Manchester, NH

  • William Novick

    William Novick Vice President of Sales