Our healthcare philosophy is simple: in everything we do, keep the focus on healing.

The stakes are high in healthcare: patients are often uncomfortable or in pain, providers are busy, family members are unsettled. Creating effective solutions requires products and services specially designed for healthcare, and a team that balances strategic thinking, tactical expertise, and sensitivity to the emotions and confidentiality needs inherent in health care interactions.

We carry furniture, equipment, and storage solutions from Herman Miller, Nemschoff, Medline, and other top healthcare brands. Our healthcare specialists leverage our design, installation, and other services to create solutions that support healing.

From innovatively designed sinks and cabinets that help prevent the spread of infection, to light durable carts, to flexible modular shelving and storage, we carry furniture and equipment specially designed for hospital environments. Our experienced team helps ensure that your furniture project complies with fire codes, public health, the Healthy Hospital Initiative, and carefully balances logistics and scheduling realities with sensitivity to the needs of patients and providers.

Medical Offices: Empowering Patients to Manage their Health

Successful medical offices give patients the resources to manage their own health, and support the methodologies and models that are changing the way care is delivered. Creating these spaces requires the right products and a team that understands where healthcare is headed.

We represent respected manufacturers like Herman Miller and Medline, and provide sturdy, reliable furniture and equipment that repels viruses and bacteria, stands up to years of wear and tear, and can be quickly adapted to fluctuations in patient traffic. We also offer innovative storage solutions for managing the technology and paper records that are crucial parts of every medical office.

We design exam rooms that facilitate interaction, infusion areas that maximize comfort, labs with convenient storage and adjustable surfaces, and waiting areas that use lighting, finishes, and artwork to reduce anxiety and create a calming environment.

Assisted Living: Creating Spaces that Support Independence

Today’s seniors are healthier than ever and expect more from the assisted living facilities they call home. They want amenities that promote wellness, open inviting areas to socialize with friends and family, and furniture, flooring, and architectural elements that make it easier for them to maintain their independence.

That might mean open floor plans to encourage interaction, multi-use spaces for exercise and education programs, or apartments designed with features like wider doorways. We carry an array of furniture, fabrics, and accessories for assisted living facilities, from manufacturers like Dor-Val and Carolina. We also offer services like space planning, installation, and project management, making us a one-stop resource for facilities that meet the needs of seniors today, and support independent living tomorrow.